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Rhiannon Single Malt

Oloroso Sherry Casks | 46% ABV

Finished in Bordeaux Grand Cru Casks

Icon of Wales No. 7

Bright, crisp apples & pineapple with a cinnamon bundt cake, berries, and more apples. The palate has citrus and dry tannin along with vanilla bean sweetness.

Moscatel Single Cask

Single Malt | 60.8% ABV |6YR

Cask #W19 | 268 Bottles

Burnt toffee, caramel coffee with foam, and just slightly over-toasted cinnamon raisin toast. Juicy, toasted nuts on the palate. 

Hiraeth Single Malt

Icons of Wales No. 8

46% | Ex-Bourbon Matured

Fresh banana yogurt and banana cream pie, red and green apples, and yellow raisins. The palate is creamier with pears, and lemon yogurt, with cream and silkiness to it. 

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