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South Island Single Malt

21YR | Ex-Bourbon Matured | 40% ABV

The nose has brown sugar, plums, figs, and fig newtons. The palate is light & wispy with apples and caramel. The palate is not as rich as the nose. 


16YR | 70% Malt / 30% Grain

10YRS in Ex-Bourbon Casks, 6YRS in New Zealand French Oak Wine Casks

40% ABV

The nose has cherries and rich sweetness. Toffee, coffee, and bold. The palate has warm cream and a long finish with berries & more coffee.

Single Malt

25YR | Ex-Bourbon Casks | 46% ABV

The nose has corn muffins, some salty/sweet buttery vanilla, and tropical fruit. The palate is a bit "plastic-y" and finishes with a dry, medicinal sweetness. 


Fortitude Single Malt

Manuka-smoked Laureate barley

3 years old | 46% ABV

100-litre virgin French oak casks

Cocoa butter lotion, smoke, and a real creamy smoked wood quality. Dare I say Turkey Bacon too? The palate has more fruit with the smoke. The finish shows that thick lotion again with granola and raisins. 

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