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Single Malt Classic

Ex-Bourbon & Red Wine STR Casks

NAS | 46% ABV

Banana, toffee, honey, green apples, and nuts. A malty sweetness. The palate has dehydrated apples, white pepper, and butter crackers. Taste like a spicy Glenlivet. 

Elements Red Wine Cask

Single Malt | NAS | 46% ABV

Raisin bread, orchard fruit, toffee, and caramel. There is also a jammy, fuel oil quality that is really nice and gives dimension with minerality. Not your typical red wine maturation. An earthy sweetness. These are Israeli red wine barrels and you can tell the difference from a classic "fruit" forward red wine maturation. 

Elements Sherry Cask

Single Malt | NAS | 46% ABV

50% Bourbon Cask & STR Wine Cask + 50% Pedro Ximenez & Oloroso Sherry Cask

Orange, raspberry, and milk chocolate but more of a hot chocolate, powdered chocolate. Figs, buttery, and crackers with dry earth and grassiness. Dried red fruit on the finish. 

Elements Peated Cask

Single Malt | NAS | 46% ABV

Ex-Laphroaig & Ex-Ardbeg Casks

Soapy sweetness, and candied orchard fruits. The palate is spicier with pine, cedar, and some salinity. 

Dead Sea

APEX Single Malt | NAS | 56.2% ABV

Cask maturation was at the dead sea where they have 25% angel's share

Apples, strawberries, and some strawberry and banana Laffy Taffy. The palate is spicy with that soapy quality in there again with dry earth and dashes of sparkly & bright sweetness.

Pomegranate Wine Cask

APEX Single Malt | NAS | 60.3% ABV

Ripe red fruits, fruit punch, and juicy fruit gum. Some orange, nuts, cocoa, earth & dirt followed with a lovely clay finish. 

Single Cask Nation Single Cask

Single Malt | 3YR | 58.9% ABV

1st Fill Bourbon Barrel

Honey nut cheerios, apples, vanilla, and toasted oak. The palate is candied. Candied strawberries, Fun Dip Candy, and green apple. A very bright palate. 

Fortified Red Wine Cask

APEX Single Malt | NAS | 60.4% ABV

Apple cider, apple pie & apple juice, yes, all the apples! Green, leafy, nutty, and that dash of motor oil again. A nice texture and creamy fruit finish.  

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