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El Classico

3YR Rye | Batch 2

Malted Barley & Malted Rye

Vermouth Finish | 45.7% ABV

Funky earth, nuts, honey spice, and berries with a cola and Dr, Pepper spice. Almost have a carbonation vibe on the palate like spiked berry juice and coconut. 


3YR Rye | Batch 1

Malted Barley & Malted Rye

Mezcal Finish | 46.3% ABV

Apples, kiwis, plums, and bananas. A tropical fruit basket with peppery, cinnamon chai, and earthy spice on the finish.

Floor Malted Rye

NAS | Batch 1-2021

30% Malted Barley & 70% Malted Rye

48% ABV

A lovely sweet "farm" nose with orange marmalade, toffee, mocha and Werther's candy, Ripe apples, cocoa powder and caramel apples on the finish. 

Kaos Triple Malt

NAS | Batch 1-2021

Single Malt, smoked malt & rye

46% ABV

Charred figs, apples, and toast. The palate has a cigar ash aroma that creeps back up the nose although floral and sweet at the same time. A long spicy & dry finish. 


NAS | Single Malt

Malt smoked with heather & local peat

47% ABV

Green grass, roses, and rose water at first then the earth and fresh camp smoke show up with creamy silky sweetness. Delicate sweetness on the finish. A great peated malt for someone new to peat. 

Single Barrel Single Malt

5 Years Old | 57% ABV

Matured in a 1st fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, finished in an Australian Rum Cask

Cask 5071

Warm nuts, banana bread, and Rumchata with cream. A dash of brighter citrus with lemon & lime. The palate shows more peach, herbal green tea, and some white pepper. A dash of funk on the finish.

First Fill Spirits Single Barrel Floor Malted Rye #2

30% malted barley & 70% malted rye

6 Years Old | 57% ABV

Matured in a virgin oak cask

Cask 4356

Fruit punch, chocolate, and rich oak spice. The palate shows more of that lovely rye spice with mint and herbal tea, along with the richness of mocha, cocoa, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

First Fill Spirits Single Barrel

Floor Malted Rye 

30% malted barley & 70% malted rye

First matured in a new American Oak Barrel and then finished in a tequila barrel

57% ABV

Roasted nuts, dried fruits, orange smoothies, and mesquite meats with honey drizzled over them. Strawberries, oranges, and figs. You can smell the tequila. The palate is bright but rich with toffee, caramel, Laffy Taffy, and chocolate all at the same time. The rye spice shows up on the back end. 

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