El Classico 3YR 
Batch 2 
Malted Barley & Malted Rye
Vermouth Finish
45.7% ABV

Funky earth, nuts, honey spice, and berries with a really cola, Dr. Pepper sort of spice on the finish. Almost feels carbonated! Spiked berry juice and coconut. 

Kaos Triple Malt / Batch 1-2021
Single malt, smoked single malt & rye whiskey
46% ABV

Charred figs, apples and toast. The palate has a cigar ash aroma that creeps back up the nose, although floral and sweet at the same time. A long spicy & dry finish. 

Bastard 3YR 
Batch 1
Malted Barley & Malted Rye
Mezcal Finish 
46.3% ABV

Apples, kiwi, plums, and bananas. A tropical fruit basket with peppery, cinnamon chai earth spice on the finish. 

Smoke Single Malt 
Smoked w. heather & local peat
47% ABV

Green grass, roses, and rose water at first then the earth shows up with a creamy, silky fresh smoke fire. Delicate sweetness on the finish. A great peated malt for someone new to peat. 

Floor Malted Rye 
NAS / Batch 1-2021
70% floor malted rye / 30% floor malted barley
48% ABV

A lovely sweet "farm" nose, orange marmalade, toffee, mocha and Werther's candy. Ripe apples, cocoa powder and caramel apples on the finish.