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King Car

NAS | Single Malt | 46% ABV

The nose has old, wet oak, roasted peanuts, peanut butter, butterscotch, and some vanilla. The palate is a bit sharp with a quick bite at the end with more peanut brittle, lemon zest, and a long finish. Possibly even grapefruit? 

Single Cask Single Malt

NAS | Ex-Bourbon | 57.8% ABV

Cask B130918082A | 182 Bottles

Peanut butter, butter & honey. More fruit and apples on the palate. 


NAS | Single Malt | 40% ABV

Port Cask Finish

Slightly medicinal cherries, NyQuil, floral with peaches, vanilla, and honey. The palate has raspberries, creamsicles, fudge, and slight oak. 


Omar Single Malt

NAS | Bourbon Matured | 46% ABV

Old lemons, vanilla, peats, brown sugar, some burnt fruit, and a dash of lovely sulfur. Peaches and orchard fruit on the finish. 

Omar Single Malt

NAS | Sherry Cask Matured | 46% ABV

Orange chocolate blossoms, roasted malt, baking spices, and spicy sherry notes. Nutmeg, some char, and a medium-length finish. 

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