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Le Blend

40% ABV

Marshmallows, Sweet Tarts (the candy), lemon & line, and a lot of vanilla. The palate is herbal with juicy fruits such as pears, starfruits, and a bit of pepper. Black tea on the finish. Delicate but fun with confectionary sweetness.

Single Malt

Merlot Finish

43% ABV | 100% Merlot from Chateau Gaudet Grand Cru Classe of Saint-Emilion

Chocolate, peanuts, and cappuccino. The palate is really fun with nice bold red raspberries & blackberries. There is some coffee and tobacco as well. The nose is subtle but the palate makes up for it.

Single Malt

Sauvignon Blanc Finish

40% ABV | 100% Sauvignon from Clos Floridene Cru des Graves de Bordeaux

Green apples and apple skin, oranges, lemonade, and sugary juice. The palate has some burnt toast, oranges again, and cinnamon. A bit of herbal mint and green tea on the finish. 

Single Malt

Semillon Finish

46% ABV | 100% Semillon from Chateau Doisy-Daene Grand Cru Classe de Barsac Sauternes

Lemon sugar cookies, tangerines, oatmeal, and banana nut bread. The palate is a bit funkier with more of the bananas and nuts again with a musty fruit quality to it. 

Single Malt

Rolle Finish

4o% ABV | 100% SRolle from Chateau Sainte Marguerite Cru Classe from Cotes de Provence Cru des Graves de Bordeaux

A bit youthful on the nose but still has a ton of fruit, plums, figs, and milk chocolate. The palate is fresher with graham crackers, cocoa, and a bit of dry chalkiness that coats the mouth on the finish. 

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