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Aatma Fino
56.5% ABV
5YR Single Malt 
396 bottles, bottled in 2021 

Rich cherries & plums, syrupy figs, dates, this whisky literally jumps out of the glass. The palate is peppery with a nice damp dunnage, light sulfur as the cherries, hazelnuts and thick cherry cough syrup coat your tongue and cheeks. 

Peated Indian Single Malt
46% ABV

A bottling by Amrut, but not Amrut Whisky. It is them acting like an IB. Neidhal means coastal region.

Fresh grass, honey & honeydew, melons! A bit of fresh dirt and earth. Dashes of peat smoke salinity are there as well. The palate is spicier with pepper, lemon & lime. Salty smoked meats with a melon sweetness and brightness. 

Christmas Edition 2021
Ex-Bourbon, Port & Madeira Casks
46% ABV

Nutty with caramel coated apples, some musty berries, chocolate and there is a brightness in there, almost like sherbet. The palate is brighter than the nose with baking spices, nutmeg, chai and more apples. A long, earthy malty finish. 

Cask Strength Single Malt
Peated / They say 23PPM
62.8% ABV

Fruit! Apples, pears and plums on the nose. It is quite earthy on the palate with dried fruit. 

Cask No. 2126
Peated Ex-Bourbon
5YRS \ 120 Bottles
60% ABV
Selected by Norfolk Whisky Group

Some rubber, burnt rubber and baking spices like nutmeg, orange peel and the burnt orange on the palate and some apples. 

Single Grain
8YR Single Cask, Ex-Bourbon
Undisclosed Grain Distillery
57.1% ABV

Caramel marshmallows, smores, Fluff, peaches, fruit cups and cherries. The palate is runny caramel, pepper and spice with some citrus. Lime, tangerine, some oak and leafy Eucalyptus on the mid to back palate. 

Burnt lemons, lime, chocolate-covered limes? Are those a thing? Some earth and burnt dark chocolate and wood. The palate is sweet, lemon-pine, and juicy which quickly changes to baking spices with clove a rich dryness.

Single Cask Nation
Single Malt
1st Fill Bourbon
56.7% ABV

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