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Navazos - Palazzi

Bota "No" Single Oloroso Cask

Corn Whisky | 54% ABV

900 Bottles | 2021 Edition

Raisins, cranberries, and nutmeg. Raisin bread with heavy buttercream on top. Vanilla bean ice cream. The palate continues with dense baking spices and some freshly sparked sulfur on the finish. Ther is a sweet kettle corn quality to it alongside all of the dense sherry notes. If you like Oloroso, this is for you! 


El Diablito Sulfuroso

15YR Single Malt | 58.7% ABV

320 Bottles | Cask No. 71

Fully Matured in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask

Distilled Aug. 2006 | Bottled Sept. 2022

Bottled by the Spanish Whisky Club for The Caskhound

Old plums, brownies and citrus with butter. The palate shows more nutmeg, orange spice followed by some sherry meaty qualities like pulled pork and other BBQ meats. The finish has some oak and nuts followed by more plums and cherries. 

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