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100% Rye

3YRS | Matured in ex-Overeem French Oak Port Casks

61% ABV

The nose has grape, oak, tangerines & pepper. The palate has crystal sugars, raisins & coco.

*This is the bottling that Jim Murray called "Liquid Gold" in 2015.

100% Rye

46% ABV

The nose is earthy, with some pear and a few dashes of malt, and a cow/barn smell. The palate is sweeter with sweet fruits & stone fruit. 

Wholly Shit

Sheep Dung Smoked Rye

2018 Edition

46% ABV

Nutty and seedy. Dry earth with cream and some meaty qualities from the smoke. Tasted like liverwurst spread. 


Single Malt

Pinot Noir Finish | NAS

46.2% ABV

The nose has almonds, tar, some cherry medicine, licorice, and citrus. The palate is grassy, oak, and some very light vanilla and leafy. 

Peated Single Malt

Ex-Bourbon Matured | NAS

46.2% ABV

The nose has watered down, sugary peat, orange citrus, ripe pear, graham cracker, and some toffee. The palate is fresh earthy peat, peanut brittle, oak, and vanilla.

Single Malt 

Port Cask Finish

46.2% ABV | 12YR

The nose has toast, almonds, and nutty with ripe plums. The palate has almonds, walnuts, and dried plums on the finish. Tobacco, cinnamon, and spices.


Classic Single Malt

NAS | 43% ABV

The nose is grassy, honey, pear, and a bit of plum, milk chocolate, and deck wood. The palate is a bit sharp with snickerdoodle cookies, leaf/grass, cocoa powder, and some vanilla on the finish.

Whisky & Alement Single Cask

20L Port Cask | 24 bottles

59.6% ABV

Nutty, caramel chew with caramel ice cream and oak spice. The palate is brighter with caramel apples, almonds and finishes with a dry nut mix. With water, it is gentler with more vanilla and milk chocolate. Still dry on the finish. 


Double Oak Single Malt

~15YR | 47% ABV

40% French Oak/60% American Oak Matured

Casks: HH0251, HH0301, HH0303, HH0365

Oak spice, pepper, tea tree oil, sugar cookies, and yellow raisins. The palate has figs, roasted pecans, trail mix bars, and vanilla.

French Oak Single Malt

~13YR | 47.5% ABV

Casks: TD0035, HH525

Red raspberry, black cherry, cola, jam, and nougat. The palate has cocoa, toffee, nuttiness, blackberry jam, and a pepper finish. 

American Oak Single Malt

~12YR | 47.5% ABV

Cask TD0044

Honey, french vanilla, peach, and caramel corn. The palate is peach laffy taffy, vanilla cream, and herbal tea with honey.

American Oak Single Malt

17YR | 47.5% ABV

Orange creamsicle, chai, and pumpkin pie. Fig Newtons on the palate with cashews, dried fruits, and sunflower seeds.


Single Malt

NAS | 46% ABV

Ex-Bourbon Matured | Cask #7

Toast, toffee crunch, oak, pine nuts, almonds, and other nuts. A dash of pepper. Buttered toast and orange peel on the palate with more nuts, dried fruits, and some cracked pepper water crackers. 

Single Malt

NAS | 64.8% ABV

Pinot Noir Matured - Sinapius Vineyard

Cask #22 USA Exclusive

A yogurt parfait filled with cranberries, plums, and dried red fruits. The palate has baking spice, viscosity, and more jammy qualities. The finish is long and earthy. 

Single Malt

NAS | 64% ABV

Bourbon Cask Matured

Cask #32 USA Exclusive

Caramel popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon on top of vanilla bean ice cream. Citrus and orange peel sneak up alongside rich vanilla. The palate is sweet with Dr. Pepper spices and floral tones. Old-fashioned peach pie on the finish.

Single Malt

NAS | 62.6% ABV

Sherry Cask Matured

Cask #64 USA Exclusive

Initially a shy nose but with some time and a quiet space, there is warm nougat, strawberry-orange marmalade. The palate is bright with baking spices and zest. The finish is sweet, grassy oak. 

Single Malt

NAS | 64.6% ABV

Port Cask Matured

Cask #107 USA Exclusive

Coffee, cappuccino, and mocha. Dried apples, toffee, and nuts. The palate is soft with chocolate-covered strawberries & fruit.


Single Malt | New Make Spirit

Malty biscuits and ripe, juicy stone fruits. The palate has a sweet kick up front with a grainy, oat finish and some citrus. 


"Chaos & Intrigue"

Single Malt | Distillery TBD

Cask TD0057 -- *hint, look at cask #s from Sullivans Cove

Further matured in Muscat/Sherry/Sherry/Sherry

Distilled Sept. 2005, Bottled Oct. 2017

150 Bottles | 59.7% ABV

Burnt oranges, chocolate, malt balls, and heavy butter. Mocha and berries are in there as well. Chocolate pudding with raspberries. The palate is much brighter with more vibrant red fruit and spicy, bitter dark chocolate. Dashes of pepper and old orangest throughout. This whisky is intense. 

The Beagle 3

Vatted Malt | A marriage of 9 casks from Lark & Sullivan's Cove

Matured in Bourbon, Port, Sherry, Pinot Noir & Peated Casks

Bottled May 2015

220 Bottles | 68.4% ABV

Floral notes with apples, caramel-covered apples, black currents, blackberries, and earth. All followed by tobacco and some burnt rubber. The mid-palate is chalky and bold with more chocolate and blueberries. 


Single Malt

Bourbon Cask Matured

Cask #32 | 61% ABV

Buttery with some citrus. Almost like lemonade, sugary citrus with some grass. The palate is big and bold with vanilla, lemon, and a dry citrus finish. With water reminds me of Sauternes. 

Single Malt

Pinot Noir Cask Matured

Cask #15 | 61.4% ABV

Fruit rollups, green tea, nutmeg, and some nuts with ripe cherries, plums, and raspberries. Some chocolate powder on the finish.

Single Malt

Port Cask Matured

Cask #26 | 58.5% ABV

Chocolate, plums, and mocha. Chocolate-covered strawberries. The palate is like brandy, rich earth, and creamy chocolate-covered nuts. With water, more spice comes out. The finish has dehydrated oranges and strawberries. Dry like unsweetened iced tea. 

Single Malt

Bourbon Cask Matured

Cask #47 | 61.6% ABV

Grassy, orange candy, and orange soda. Fudgesicles, confectionary, and yet floral too. Dandelions and grassy weeds. Very "summer-time" tasting.

Single Malt

Chardonnay Cask Matured

Cask #10 | 61.4% ABV

Amaretto and almonds, orange liqueur, raisins, and some musty kettle corn. The palate has an old basement and old fruit style. Tangerines and a silky finish. Some funk in there too. 

Single Malt

Sherry Cask Matured

Cask #33 | 62.1% ABV

Double bubble, bubble gum. Literally berry bubblegum with banana cream pie and laffy taffy. The palate is sweet up front and blueberry pop-tarts, spice in the middle, and some char/tar on the finish. With water tasted like a fruity old-fashioned cocktail.

Single Malt

Chardonnay Cask Matured

Cask #37 | 61% ABV

Chili powder over buttered popcorn. A bit of kettle corn sweetness too. Chocolate chip cookies, butter cream and a warm sweetness. The palate is creamy butter again with some earth and bark on the finish even a dash of cedar.

Single Malt

Chardonnay Cask Matured

Cask #44 | 61.4% ABV

More subtle than some of the other Chardonnay casks from them. Apples, cider mill spices, damp oak, and a light sweetness with funk. On the palate, you have pepper and spicy honey. 

Single Malt

Pinot Noir Cask Matured

Cask #29 | 62.9% ABV

Blue raspberry, rose wine, almost like roses and lilacs with green apple, lemon, and jolly rancher candy qualities. The palate has rich plums, figs, blackberries, and cherries. Welches grape juice! 


Single Malt

Signature Series

46% ABV

Dry almonds, cocoa powder, and a bit of barn and hay on the nose. Along with graham crackers, light lemon, and apples. The palate has coffee and mocha with notes of Nutella and roasted nuts. 

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