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Single Malt

2008 13YR | 47.4% ABV

Virgin Oak Hogshead

Cherry Chapstick, the pink kind. Classic Chapstick brand. Dehydrated berries and caramel. The palate is silky and chalky. Oatmeal and more dried fruit with oak. 


Hvenus Rye Whiskey

3-6YRS | 45.6% ABV

American Oak

78.6% Rye, 11.9% Wheat, 4.8% Corn, 4.8% Barley

A calm nose with chocolate mousse and red apples. The palate is sweet and candied with cinnamon. I called this whisky "cute".


HAV "Sea" Single Malt

5-7YRS | 48% ABV

A mixture of American, Hungarian & Swedish Oak

Lightly peated 

White peach tea, marshmallows, chapstick, lemons & cream. Some cashews. The peat shows up strong on the palate. Has a sweet peat and minerality to it.

BERG "Mountain" Single Malt

3-4YRS | 50% ABV

Unpeated malt matured in Bourbon casks, finished in Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks

Lovely figs & berries, raspberry pie with some cinnamon, rich PX sweetness. The palate is like creamy chocolate and caramel with candied red fruits. 

TIMMER Peated Single Malt

48% ABV | Heavily Peated Malt

American Oak matured

Apples, blue raspberry slushie, peat, and citrus. Bright peat and candied sweet on the palate. 

SMWS 144.2 "Walked off to look for America"

62.3% ABV | 7YR | 244 bottles

Honey graham cracker, lemon sugar cookies, the palate is chalky with white chocolate, freeze-dried berries, and with some water you get more cream pudding and fruit.

Cadenhead's 7YR Single Cask

61.8% ABV | 7YR 

For the online tasting week - May 2021

New American Oak

Peaches, pears, vanilla bean ice cream, green apples, nougat and chocolate. The palate has candied fruit, caramel apples, rock candy, figs, and spicy Mexican chocolate.

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