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First Fill Spirits Single Barrel

Single Malt | 55.7% ABV

Barrel #1033 | 240 bottles

4YRS | American Oak & Shiraz Casks

The nose is fresh off the vine ripe berries, coconut, nougat, toffee, vanilla, and peanut brittle. The palate is thick, sticky raisins with light spice and mocha. The finish is cocoa, mocha, and coffee lingering with toasted oak. 

10th Anniversary Bottling

Single Malt

52% ABV

Nuts, silly puddy clay along with grapes and grass. You can taste some of the intense oak with char, and soot on the palate followed by a sweet, thick clay-like finish. 


Single Malt | 43% ABV

Matured in fortified Australian Wine Barrels

Banana cream pie, yellow raisins, custard, and some mocha. The palate has a bit more oak spice with cinnamon and other baking spices. Some dried red fruits. Very pastry-like on the palate.


Rye | New Make Spirit

Oatmeal, raisins, some nutmeg and a bit of earthy with leafy grassiness.


Single Malt | New Make Spirit

Olives, almonds, trail mix, raisins, malt, biscuits, stone fruits, pears and a dry finish.


Upshot Whisky

"Bourbon" - Corn, Wheat & Barley

~2YRS | 43% ABV

Buttery, peanut butter, and toast. Some dry oak tasted like a buttered croissant. 


Double Wood Single Malt

American Oak Matured - they say Jack Daniel's Barrels & then finished in French Oak Red Wine barrels that are shaved & re-toasted

~7-8YRS | 46% ABV

Cinnamon spice, cedar, and cinnamon raisin bread. Dried berries with v anilla and buttery toast.

Classic Single Malt

American Oak Matured - they say Jack Daniel's Barrels

~7-8YRS | 46% ABV

Banana nut bread, walnuts, vanilla, and honeycomb. Really lovely & soft. 

Classic Single Malt

American Oak Matured - they say Jack Daniel's Barrels

~7-8YRS | 59.9% ABV | Barrel #1315

Buttery nose with ripe red apples, more banana, and creamy vanilla. With some water, more of the peanuts come out with peanut butter and nutmeg chai and cream. 

Peated Single Malt

American Oak matured - they say Jack Daniel's Barrels

Scottish Highlands Peated Malt

~7-8YRS | 46% ABV

Oil with grass and earth. The palate has more sweetness with honey, pineapple, and vanilla frosting. With water, it gets creamier. More nuts, green tea, and herbal. 


Single Malt | New Make Spirit

~70% ABV

Barnyard, fruity malt, and a bit of earth.

Port Matured Single Malt

American Oak Port Casks

44% ABV

Nuts and butter, oatmeal, and bran muffins. Some syrup and raisins dance around for sweetness. The palate has more red fruit, raspberries, peanuts, and grass. There is a bit of citrus in there as well. Dark chocolate and a sweet, dry finish.


Muscat Barrel Matured Single Malt

Non-Age Statement | 48% ABV

Buttered toast, buttery and flaky croissants. A lot of Muscat wine on the nose. The palate has thick viscosity with some musty fruit, cashews, and more butter. You must like wine for this one!


Iniquity Single Malt

Glass Revolution US Import #10

American Oak Port Casks

46% ABV

Cappuccino froth, earth, pomegranate, and blueberry pie. The palate is spicier at first taste followed by vanilla frosting, strawberries, and other red fruits. A few dashes of Teriyaki beef jerky. Some ginger and candied qualities dance around on the palate as well.


Single Cask Nation Rye

3YR | Matured in re-charred Australian Shiraz Barrels

Cask #14 | 59.9% ABV

Chocolate and nuts, all the nuts: pecans, walnuts, all of them! A bit of almond liqueur (Disaronno), Angostura bitters, oak, and hay. The palate has farm hay, chalky with more nuts. Do you know the flakes that come off of walnuts? It tastes like that. With water and time, more of an oatmeal raisin oak comes out. 

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