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The Whisky X - The Modern Day Whisky Lover's Event

When I first heard about The Whisky X I thought it must be just another whisky trade show in a major city. As the popularity of our beloved brown spirit continues to grow, you see more and more events and venues popping up. I never found any exceeding value in trade shows, but the more I read about The Whisky X the more I appreciated the differences it proposed. One issue I always had with trade shows is how “stuffy” they are. Everyone organizes at their specific PVC plastic table to then cover it with a nice tablecloth in a warehouse style venue. This is not exactly my ideal way to network and specifically not ideal to talk about the wonders of whisky. The lighting is terrible and all the while accompanied by elevator music and lack of fresh air. This epitomizes everything that whisky used to be! Whisky has become a resource that everyone can access. All ages, sexes, and races are drinking whisky. That’s what it is, a social tool, a way to gather, a way to find common ground within business and life in general. This is what makes the spirit of whisky so beautiful. You can discuss regionality, country differences, historical significance, your own exploration of flavors, grains and more. The Whisky X is how you can bring this younger demographic together. The Whisky X is what a tasting has become for the modern age.

The Whisky X 2017 will be held in Brooklyn, New York. The venue will be lined with food trucks, brand reps, over 60 whisky tastings and live music by the world renowned Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. Alongside that, there will be chocolates, barbershops, and cigars. Many of the food trucks will have curated whisky pairings with most of their offerings. Brand reps and ambassadors will spend the evening walking us through seminars and tasting classes of the top whisky brands of the world. One such seminar that I am looking forward to is the Women and Whiskies event with Campari. The broad range of whisky styles is quickly evident including everything from Bookers, Wyoming whisky all the way to The Singleton and The Balvenie. I will be attending representing Her Whisky Love Inc. and Gordon’s Fine Wine & Spirits. I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

Event Information:

Cost: 50USD/ticket

JUNE 8TH | 6PM - 10PM



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