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Auchentoshan Select tasting with my papa-- Tom Seidewand!

My dad received a bottle of Auchentoshan Select from one of his colleagues. I am still getting him into the whisky scene, but he is pretty stuck on vodka tonics. Although, I was able to get some tasting notes out of him. I had never heard of this bottling before and it's actually not on the Distiller App. This distillery is in the lowlands and I am not well versed in that part of the country and their whisky. After some research I found it is only sold at travel retail, but it is a single malt and not a blend. See tasting notes below. Just a disclaimer, I filled out the first few questions for him!

Location: Webster, New York-- The Seidewand House

Instagram Handle: TBD- I havn't given him that social media lesson yet

Favorite Scotch: TBD-- he has only had this and Glenlivet 12

Favorite Bourbon: TBD-- he hasn't had bourbon since college

Design of Bottle/Label:

Pretty to the point. Very clean lines like all Auchentoshan bottles. Almost feels German, but very structured.

Color: Very light, honey color.

Nose: Slight apple pie, a hint of grass, honey and green apples.

Taste/Pallet: Fresh green apples, pine, pineapple.

After Taste: Nutty, fresh finish. Long finish.

Price: It was hard to find price on this since it is only travel retail. It looks like it's about 40-50USD.

How you drank it: Neat with a little water.

I agreed with a lot of my dad's tasting notes. I don't drink a lot of whisky from the Lowlands, so maybe I am just used to super smoke and peat from my favorite Islay Brands. I looked up the "expert" tasting notes on this bottle and it didn't quite match, but pretty darn close! Of course it is all up to preference and everyone's nose is different. See notes below from the Auchentoshan website.

Auchentoshan Tasting Notes

To The Eye

Golden straw.

To The Nose

Floral, green apples and a hint of lime.

To The Tongue

Soft blackcurrant and lime, with a touch of aniseed and malty sweetness.

To The End

Short, soft and fresh.

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