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My whiskey reading list!

Since I can't really walk or stand up without help for the next week or so after my surgery, I cannot visit distilleries. I also, unfortunately am on some heavy duty pain medication and cannot do any tastings. Although, I may do a small tasting with my dad and his Auchentoshan later this week....just a small sip! In the meantime I have been able to do a lot of reading. I have read all of these books seen above cover to cover except Proof. I am almost done with that one. Here is some info on why I chose each one, what it focuses on, what I use it for etc. Oh and I threw in the Lonely Planet Scotland book in the picture because I am always looking at that!

1st Book I Read: "Whiskey" by Michael Jackson. An old-y, but a good-y. It's pretty old, from 2005, so some of the distillery ownership, info etc.. is outdated. The good parts are the tasting notes from true experts like Dave Broom and Jefferson Chase. There are tasting notes for some bottles that may not even be in circulation anymore! This is the best we are gonna get if we can't taste it. Awesome classic.

2nd Book: "The Curious Bartender an Odyssey of Malt, Bourbon & Rye Whiskies". This one is more modern and fun. My mom got this one for me and I don't think she realized what a gem she had purchased. The author, Tristan Stephenson is a very popular spirits/bartender author with multiple books out. In this one you get a more updated, detailed list of current, active distilleries around the world. The cool part is that the last 50 pages are cocktails you can make! Great to have in your kitchen for when you're hosting.

3rd Book: "The Ultimate Book of Whiskey" by Joe Clark and Stuart Derrick. This is the newest publication and list of active distilleries and their bottles out on the market. Is the bible right now for looking up stuff. Published this year!

4th Book: "Proof the Science of Booze" by Adam Rogers. This was recommended by the owner of O'Begley's Distillery here in Rochester. He helped me to understand the science behind the actual process of making whiskey. I always knew the basics, but he recommended Proof for me. I don't have a science background, so I need someone to lay it out pretty simply what goes on in those wash-backs, stills etc. Proof has been great in laying out each step. I will definitely read this a few times.

So again, sorry for the lacking posts, but they will be coming soon. For now, you can see below how terrible I looked in the hospital! I am posing with my beautiful flowers from my friend Gwen Feher in California. Love her!

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