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Dalmore Scotch 18 year tasting note with Matt Fedorchak!

Part of the stigma on whiskey and particularly scotch, is they are too expensive to try a bunch and see what you like. It is almost like you have to stumble across what you like. That is why I think having tasting notes by other whiskey lovers can help people see what kind they may want to splurge on! Also, this can provide good gift ideas for family and friends. Below is a tasting note from Matt Fedorchak, my brother-in-law. He is a whiskey, scotch, beer lover!

The Dalmore 18 Year - MATT FEDORCHAK

Location: Arlington, VA (The land of sauced politicians...probably on nicer scotch than I have..)

Instagram Handle: Tall_Made_Easy

Favorite Scotch: Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX (Sadly discontinued....but one day we will meet again)

Favorite Bourbon: Currently, Eagle Rare (Smooth and decently priced. Also a fan of Double Oaked from Woodford and the Hudson Distillery)

Design of Bottle/Label: Quaint. The bottle is simplistic in the best way. Nothing fancy aside from the silver plastic stag head adorning the front of the crystal clear vessel.

Color: A nice reddish- brown hue

Nose: This is one to breathe in slowly, as if you inhale too quickly it stings the sides of your nostrils. Light, healthy sips of air give way to brown sugar, cherry, minimal trace of citrus lingering with and a hint of raisins/dates.

Taste/Pallet: Quite simply put, smooth. The taste is quite complex. The moment it hits your tongue you get a sweet punch of brown sugar flavor, with a slightly astringent mouth feel. No citrus, as it's too smooth for that. Black cherry and dates are definitely present in the middle of the sip. (I'd assume the astringency would subside as you'd let the scotch breathe)

After Taste: Almost nutty, as there is a lingering almond-y like coating on your pallet. Almost the taste of a light almond extract. The taste doesn't linger too long, as you sit it slowly fades leaving the mouth with a pleasant "sweet sugar" feeling.

How does it compare to other whiskey's you like: This would have to be one of my favorites. I'd personally probably let this breathe a little longer to see how the flavor develops, but it is an easy-to-drink well rounded flavor I could see myself sipping on time and again.

Price: More on the expensive side, $150+

How you drank it: neat, with water, ice, whiskey rocks, cocktail etc. This was enjoyed neat tonight. I will be trying different variations over the next couple of weeks, seeing how the flavor truly develops. Once I find a winning combination, I will update!

Would you recommend this bottle to friends: Absolutely. One of my go-to bottles is the Dalmore 15. This bottle, while slightly pricier, does deliver on flavor and mouth feel. Just a well-rounded scotch.

Overall thoughts...

I'm a huge fan of anything that has the potential to be offensive to the pallet. Scotch (or Whiskey in ​

​general) is not an easy alcohol to become accustom to, and even fall in love with. The same goes for certain types of beer, but alas I'm stuck and love it. I have a passion for beer and beer brewing. Currently my brother and I are experimenting with different brews, and we are amassing our laboratory brew kit as we speak! This upcoming weekend we are looking to play with both a Wheat and IPA style brews with some less than ordinary additions. Everything will be documented, so all can join in on the fun of laughing along at our expense!

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