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Cutty Sark vs. Herniated Disc.. choose Cutty Sark!

This post is going to be a quick one, but I thought it would be nice to compare my recent back issues to a whiskey! As some of you may know I was supposed to leave on a 1-way flight to Scotland this past Monday. The person in the seat next to me was probably very happy because I never showed. After many doctors’ visits and MRI’s I have been told I have a severe herniated disc and two bulged discs. Don’t really care about the bulged (will care soon, but not now), it’s the herniated disc that is pinching my nerve causing pain and numbness down my right leg. This little brat of a disc also is the reason I am stuck on the floor at my parents’ house in Rochester, NY. Not quite the whiskey travel adventure I planned.

Regardless, I have to remember that I have chosen a lifestyle of skydiving, skiing, surfing and an overall “over confidence” of my strength. I can’t pin point this injury to one certain incident, although I did land directly on my butt skiing at Squaw Valley on a big cliff jump that I probably shouldn’t have done. Or maybe it was when I moved my whole apartment in Oakland into storage by myself. Who knows! I get these “invincible” qualities from my father. (He will hate this shout out J ). So I was thinking I would do a tasting note for Cutty Sark. If you look at Cutty Sark, it is a blended scotch aimed towards younger, adventurous people. It is truly meant for cocktails and mixing and is sold pretty cheap. Although, I found it to be okay on its own. It is a starter whisky to get younger people into the scotch world. So far they have done pretty well with their branding and target markets. So cheers—to a lifestyle of adventure, adrenaline and drinking whiskey while you lay all day on your parent’s floor!

Yellow arrow points to the part of the disc that blobbed out and is now hitting my nerve.

Design of Bottle/Label: LOVE the bottle and label. Direct Quote: “THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE LIVES IN US ALL. IT IS THE COURAGE OF OUR CONVICTIONS, T HE MARK OF TRUE CHARACTER AND THE DESIRE TO BE DIFFERENT. IT IS THE ORIGINAL EASY-DRINKING SCOTCH.” The bottle is see through green with a yellow label. Very simple and matches the light color of the liquid. Definitely at first look the label and logo makes you feel like a badass 22 year old pirate.

Color: Very light yellow. Definitely didn’t barrel age too long. Pretty much looks like semi-hydrated pee.

Nose: I put quite a few squirts of water in this dram. It was fun to watch, you could see the oils freaking out and swirling around. I get flowers, apples, wet leaves. Gotta get past the alcohol on this one. All soft smells.

Taste: Flowers, green tea.

After Taste: The flowers leave pretty quick, but you get a tea kind of linger which is nice.

How does it compare to other whiskeys: Definitely your light flower whiskey. No peat of course, so this is going to be your porch whiskey. I would mess with this on ice, but would probably really love it to make some concoction for my friends while we sit on the deck.

Price: 23.99USD @ Marketview Liquor Rochester, NY

How I Drank it: Neat with water.

Recommendation: I like, it! Gets a bad rap sometimes on distiller, but understand what it is and what it’s for. It’s for young people relaxing on a boat and coming up with new cocktails and sipping a simple drink.

Final Thoughts: I would keep a bottle of this at home. I probably wouldn’t buy a glass out at a bar, but good for at home occasions. Pleasantly surprised for sure and the price is awesome!

My face in the picture above is to my dad.. making comments as my mom takes this picture. Classic- "dad stop" face.

New timeline for me as is follows… a few more epidural steroid shots in my back this week and next. If they take and I get better. I’m heading out early June. Thanks for bearing with me and drink on!

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