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Copper & Kings- Brandy! Bourbon's older sister.

My first distillery visit! As they would say in skydiving-- when you do something for the "first" time you owe beer. Hence why skydivers drink a lot. Maybe I should owe whiskey, or better yet, BRANDY! This was my first distillery viewing/tasting in Kentucky. I happened to eat at a bar called Decca on Market Street in Louisville and a friendly "meat/grill" master named Andrew told me about an event going on at Copper & King's the next day. They were a younger distillery and so I thought I would check them out.

Their creative direction was on par for sure. Vibrant orange and deep gray details everywhere throughout the distillery, even up into the rooftop bar that overlooked the city. I was pretty amazed at how good the brandy was. This distillery isn't trying to compete with the bourbons of that area. They actually work with them to get old barrels etc. They strictly make brandy's and are now branching out into absinthe and others.

I would say if you like bourbons and aren't entry level to the whisky world, go right for the Butchertown Cask Reserve. You will see why they call brandy, bourbon's older sister!

A few favorite moments:

1. The aging room.

The creative director picks out new playlists that he feels are best suitable for ideal aging environments. When I was down there MGMT was playing.

2. Bottle your own Brandy, called "American Brandy CRAFTED".

When you visit the distillery you can pick your own bottles, labels etc, and make a custom bottle of your favorite C & K Brandy. Good bragging rights with friends or to look cool at a party.

3. Meeting one of the distiller's!

I was in the tasting room and I guess you could say a little skeptical about this brandy situation. His knowledge and passion for his craft was incredible. I hope to keep in touch with him and the team at C & K to see what they are up to when I return to Kentucky!

Thought for the day: Where did the slogan "Virginia is for lovers" come from?

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