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I'm still here!  As some of you may have realized I have been working with Bacardi and helping their 5 single malts gain a foothold in the USA over the past year. This has not allowed me to write as much as I would like but I am still visiting new distilleries all the time. Slowly but surely I will get them up here. I will always have and be her whisky love so please stay tuned! Still writing & posting when I can..

Thanks for bearing with me and in the meantime you can still find me on Instagram @herwhiskylove

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February 26, 2017

Launceston Distillery. This distillery is after my own heart. It is located right at the Launceston airport in an old, 1930’s hangar. As I pulled up to the hangar I was watching a Navy plane arrive. Quite a fun experience and the hangar still has the local history and...

Ardbeg. The tour guide spoke very, very slowly during my visit to Ardbeg. So slow, that it was almost difficult for me to follow her because she wasn’t giving enough new information in a timely manner. Either way, she was clear to enunciate that over the past 200 years...

August 25, 2016

Glenkinchie. This place is pretty much a loner. They are only 25 minutes outside of Edinburgh and Diageo probably lets them do their own thing. They are of course classified as a “Lowland” whisky and don’t have any real competition in the Edinburgh area. With that bein...

August 15, 2016

Just north of Perth, Scotland there is a distillery called Glenturret. As American’s we have probably never heard of their single malt, but we are all well aware of the Famous Grouse. This famous blend has a visitor center here that, no offense, is beyond cheesy. Don’t...

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These stories are all personal opinion and my way of tracking and sharing my whisky travels with friends and family. I of course want accurate facts. I have had lovely and knowledgeable tour guides and if I have facts that are incorrect, it is most likely due to my lack of documentation. If this is the case, please feel free to write to me directly on the "Contact Me" page. I would love to hear from you and meet a fellow whisky lover. Thanks for taking part in my whisky education! 

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"Happiness is having a rare steak, a bottle of whisky, and a dog to eat the rare steak.” - Johnny Carson

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